Sharing Games Across Accounts On PlayStation 5 Explained

With the arrival/impending launch of the PlayStation 5, many players who have invested their time and money in the PlayStation ecosystem will want to know as much information as possible. This is even more so when you have multiple users/accounts across the different regions, each with their own library of games to play. If you wish to share your games across your accounts on your spanking new PS5, here’s how.

Console Sharing & Offline Play

The setting you are looking for is the new Console Sharing and Offline Play option. This is located under Settings -> Users and Accounts -> Other -> Console Sharing and Offline Play. Simply enable it, and you are good to go. It would also appear that this option is enabled automatically when you first sign in.

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If you know how the primary PS4 option worked, it is exactly the same deal here. As long as your account has enabled the console sharing, any other account on this particular console can access your games, even when offline. However, the caveat of only one primary PS5 at any time remains.

Do also note that your primary PS5 is separate from your primary PS4. An account can have both a primary PS4 and a primary PS5 at the same time.

What we do not know is just how many times you will be able to do this. For the PS4, you could do this indefinitely by deactivating and activating the consoles as your primary. The PS5 should likely be the same case, although there is always the chance that a limit may be set. As of now, there is no such warning just yet.

There you have it, a straightforward enough solution for game sharing across your accounts on the PlayStation 5. If there happens to be a limit, we will be sure to update you when we know. Until then, have fun sharing your games and look out for those bugs and glitches that may occur.

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