Donkey Kong

Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong Comes Alive In New Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Seth Rogen’s (Superbad, Neighbours) Donkey Kong voice makes its debut in the latest trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer, and there is no mistaking who the voice actor is with his iconic laugh.

The trailer also features an extended look at what might be the first clash between the long-time rivals, Donkey Kong and Mario, though it does seem that Mario does not have smashing time during the fight.

Fans of the Nintendo game seem to be torn with how to react to the voice, with some excited to hear more of Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong while others find it too distinguishing, taking focus away from the character in a Beyoncé as Nala type of way. However, something the majority of fans can agree on is that Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong is a far cry better than Chris Pratt’s (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World Dominion) Mario.

With the addition of Mario in a cat suit, fans can only wait till 7 April to get the full picture of his journey through the Mushroom Kingdom.