Servers Issues Reignite As Anthem Opens Early Access

Following the many issues it had with the first VIP Demo weekend, BioWare and EA had this to say regarding the issues preventing many eager fans from experiencing its upcoming release, Anthem:

“The main issue impacting the Anthem VIP demo on PC and PS4 has been resolved. Anyone who has had an issue on those platforms should restart the game and attempt to join again. Our team is still working on fixes for some of the issues we’re seeing on Xbox One.”

While the following weekend saw much improvement for the Open Demo, the anticipation and expectations only grew as Anthem approached its first release window on February 15 for EA Access and Origin Basic/Premier members.

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Anyone hoping for a smooth rollout will be sorely disappointed.

A quick look around social media has many complaining off servers not being available, failed matchmaking, and all sorts of negativity the development team over at BioWare could frankly do without.

Of course, server issues are to be expected when a sudden influx of people suddenly join a game at the beginning, but that is no excuse for paying customers. No statement has been put out yet by either EA or BioWare, but if you are one of those gamers currently waiting, we hope the server issues get resolved soon.

Anthem releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22.