‘Hades II’ Lets Players Bathe Together With Their Companions In A Hot Tub


There’s plenty to love about the Supergiant Games’ indie gem Hades, from its blistering, polished combat action to great replayability value. But roguelike’s exploration of relationships also proved to be major highlight for many, to the point that it was jokingly regarded as a dating simulator within the gaming community.

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Naturally, this focus on deepening bonds has carried over to Hades II. The sequel, now in early access with more content than its predecessor, lets players spend some one-on-one time with several new faces in a hot spring — and not all of the sessions will be romantic or even steamy.

There are conditions to meet first, of course. After progressing through the game, the bathhouse option will be available for the Crossroads, a junction between the surface and the underworld. This, in turn, unlocks access to bath salts, which can be purchased from the Wretched Broke as gifts for the various companions.

Similar to the favour mechanics in its predecessor, gifting them Nectar, and in some cases, specific items, increases their level of affection with Melinoë. Ambrosia and fishing trips are required in the later stages of the relationship, but since the hot springs hearts unlock relatively early, the prerequisites should be pretty manageable (remember to bring Nemesis to the fishing pier as well!).

The full list of characters that can be invited to the hot tub, as well as their respective requirements, is as follows (so far):

  • Odysseus (1 Nectar)
  • Dora (1 Nectar)
  • Hecate (2 Nectar)
  • Moros (2 Nectar)
  • Eris (3 Nectar)
  • Nemesis (3 Nectar, 1 Twin Lines, 1 Nectar)

As mentioned earlier, some companion scenes will be more saucy than others, and it’s unclear if they will eventually become more intimate. Nonetheless, soaking together in a hot tub is a fun way to build on the characters’ relationships — and pass time while at it, perfect for those waiting for their plants to grow.

Currently available in early access on Steam and Epic Games Store, Hades II has already broken the first game’s record with 103,567 concurrent players on Steam.