Monster Hunter Rise Crossover Welcomes Okami’s Amaterasu

It has been a few good months since Monster Hunter Rise arrived for the Nintendo Switch, and Capcom has not exactly lit up the scene with the many crossover contents seen for Monster Hunter World. However, there has been a steady flow of content and free updates to keep fans satisfied. Now, the next addition would make Capcom fans even happier, as Amaterasu from Okami will be coming to Monster Hunter Rise.

The crossover event will start this coming 30 July. Upon completing the special quest, you will be rewarded with the Ammy Costume. This will transform the player’s Palamute into a striking form otherwise known as Amaterasu.

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If you had played the original or the remastered version of the game, surveying the world as a goddess always brought a feeling of awe in the painted world.

This is the second crossover event following Capcom’s first foray for Monster Hunter Rise. The first event allowed your Palico to dress up like the Tsukino character from Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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We can expect at least three more Capcom collaborations coming in the future. Needless to say, with the properties under the Capcom umbrella, we are in for a fun ride down the line after this Okami crossover with Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise roadmap including Okami content