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Monster Hunter Live-Action Movie Gets Official Release Date

Capcom's monster-slaying action franchise finally has a release date.

Atermis And The Hunter From The Monster Hunter Movie Revealed!

Catch a glimpse of Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa in action!

The Beasts of Monster Hunter Will Be The Stars Of The Film Adaptation

There will be other familiar creatures from the rest of the franchise too.

Monster Hunter Goes Animated With Pure Imagination Studios

The adventure of monster hunting continues – in animation style.

Live-Action Monster Hunter Adaptation To Star Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich

Yay for the commercial sector, nay for the fans.

Epic Re-creation of a Monster Hunter: World Meal

It’s time to get cookin’!

Monster Hunter: World is Coming to PC in Autumn 2018!

Autumn has never seemed so far away, until now.

2017: The Year Nintendo Struck Back

After a few years of being humbled by the Wii U, it took the Big N almost a...

TGS 2017: Monster Hunter World Hands-On, Release Date & Liolæus Edition

Given the prowess of the PS4, it is not surprising that this is the best looking Monster Hunter...

E3 2017 Booth Tour: Capcom

Our guest host Zhieeep does a walkthrough of the Capcom booth at the E3 showfloor.