Premier League Football Star Dele Alli An Official Endorser Of Secretlab Chairs

Football and gaming chairs. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

A beautiful new relationship has just blossomed between football sensation Dele Alli and Singapore‘s very own internationally-renowned gaming chair brand, Secretlab.

The England and Tottenham Hotspur maestro is not just known for his fancy footwork — the 22-year-old is also a rather popular Twitch streamer with his 40,000-odd fanbase tuning in to watch him play Fortnite when he’s not trying to win trophies for his team. His profound love for the game even inspired the Epic Games team to honour his passion by emulating his signature #DeleAlliChallenge hand gesture (shown above) that took the internet by storm in recent years.

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Dele Alli playing Fortnite.

“I am very particular about the equipment I use when gaming – I have to be
comfortable”, enthused Alli on his new partnership with Secretlab. “That’s why I am excited to partner with Secretlab. Their gaming chairs are made with great quality and can be adjusted to how I like to sit, this allows me to game as best I can!”

Said co-founder and CEO of Secretlab, Ian Alexander Ang of the partnership, “Physical sports and videogaming are similar in nature, because they both involve competing and the will to self-improve. The perception that gamers only consist of nerdy boys in the basement is no longer true—it’s become common to see many sportsmen playing games and vice versa. We want to be part of the movement to educate the public on this, and partnering with an elite sportsman like Dele is our way of doing so. That, and Dele really likes our chairs.”

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Secretlab has been on the rise in recent months, most recently being the official global partner for League of Legends in future Esports tournaments. Getting football stars with a huge internet and gaming fanbase on board certainly wouldn’t hurt their cause as well.

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