Royal Canadian Mint Rolls Out Official Transformers Optimus Prime Coins

Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint, where all Canadian currency comes from, will be issuing two new collectible coins.

They have previously released collectible coins featuring glowing dinosaurs and the Starfleet logo. This time, Queen Elizabeth II will be made to sit opposite another great leader, and it is none other than the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.  

The first coin will have an animated lenticular image that turns Optimus Prime from a robot into a truck, and back again. Made of nickel-plated steel, this 23 cent coin will cost US$35 and is limited to 25,000 pieces. 

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Made from 99.99 percent silver, the second coin will feature a 3-D design of Optimus Prime’s head that glows in the dark. Only 3,500 pieces of this US$25 coin will be produced, and it will cost a hefty US$160

The collectible packaging that the coins will be sent in will include with a certificate bearing a unique serial number. You can now purchase the coins over at the Royal Canadian Mint’s website. However, they will only ship to US or Canada addresses. 

Now if only the other side of the coin features Megatron instead of the Queen. Coin tosses will be so much more fun when you’re shouting “Autobots or Megatron?” instead of “Heads or tails?”

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