Red Alert Actors Gene Dynarski And Dimitri Diatchenko Have Died

It is a sad week for the gaming community, as two notable faces in the beloved Red Alert franchise have passed away.

In the span of the same week, Gene Dynarski, who played Joseph Stalin in the original Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and Dimitri Diatchenko, who did the voice of Oleg Vodnik in Red Alert 3, were both pronounced dead.

Dynarski, 86, had actually passed away while battling heart issues in a rehabilitation centre back in February, as revealed in a recent journal entry by playwright Ernest Kearney. The veteran actor, who was actually picked for his role as Stalin by playing the same historic figure in the play Master Class back in 1987, enjoyed a career spanning multiple movies and TV series, appearing on the likes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Seinfeld.

Diatchenko, 52, featured in movies and television as well, including but had a more prominent role in video games, having lent his voice to the likes of Fallout 4, Call of Duty, and The Last of Us. Not only that, he was also a former national Taekwondo heavyweight champion, as well as adept in classical guitar.

Whether you’ve encountered the two actors in Red Alert or in other games or media, the world will definitely be duller in their absence. Rest in peace to these two talented men.