Reality Show “Killer Camp” Based On ‘80s Slasher Movies Lands On The CW This July

If you have ever played the party game Mafia/Werewolf and wondered what it would be like as a reality show then look no further than Killer Camp, a horror-themed reality game show that is soon making its way to The CW.

In it, contestants try their best to avoid getting murdered and the ones who survive each night are left to figure out who the real killer is before everyone dies. 

According to The CW, Killer Camp is described as a “satirical horror whodunit reality competition” that pays homage to classic ‘80s slasher movies. 

The official description states the 11 participants of the show had originally thought they were participating in a fun new reality show called Summer Camp, and a shocked to discover they are actually participating in “an over-the-top “murder” mystery series called Killer Camp“.

Camp Counselor Bobby will be the first to tell you that everything at Camp Pleasant is picturesque and perfect… except the minor problem of the brutal murders. In typical reality show fashion, there will be camaraderie, sex appeal, and lots of backstabbing… only this time, literally.

As the campers play games to earn cash during the day, each night one of them will meet their untimely demise in ever more extreme, hilarious and inventive ways. Nobody can be trusted, as one of the campers among them is actually the secret murderer controlling the evil camp handyman “Bruce,” who executes the bloody hilarious death scenes.

The remaining survivors will then have to band together and sniff out the murderer before it’s too late. 

You can watch the trailer for the show below:

Killer Camp will premiere on The CW on 16 July 2020.

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