Putting Power Back Into The Macbook Pro With 8th-Gen Intel Processors

It has been an overdue upgrade, but Apple is finally doing it.

The Macbook Pro is getting an upgrade to 8th-gen Intel processors, as well as a few other tweaks to make it more of the workhorse that professionals expect.

The updated Macbook Pro is now available in configurations of having the 6-core i5 processor in the base 13-inch model, and up to an Core i9 processor for the 15-inch model. Users now also have the option to expand the RAM up to 32GB and SSD storage configurations up to 4 TB.

The aging Retina display is also slated for an upgrade, now being brighter and more colour accurate. Apple is including its True Tone technology into the new display, one which was only seen in the iPad Pro and iPhone X.

While all the above updates are great, it cannot be helped that it just feels like Apple is catching up with what its competitors have already done. However, the one thing that sets it apart from the pack, is the inclusion of the T2 chip in the new Macbook Pros. First seen in the iMac Pro, the T2 chip brings to the Macbook Pro a more secure boot-up and on-the-fly encryption of data. The T2 is also responsible for running the subsystems on the machine; such as the FaceTime camera, microphone, speakers, fans, and now, Siri. For the first time you can say “Hey Siri” to your Mac.

With a single chip handling all the tasks that previously needed discrete controllers, we are guessing that is how Apple freed up precious internal space to expand its memory and storage options.

The new hardware upgrades, along with macOS Mojave coming along, is looking to make the Macbook Pro a viable options among creative and IT professionals once again.

Starting at S$2,588 and S$3,488, the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar are available now through Apple.com/sg, and in retail outlets next week.

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