PRISM+ Launches Its First Line Of OLED Android TVs And Soundbars

PRISM+, the homegrown tech brand in Singapore known for its TVs and monitors, has launched its latest line of products which includes its first generation of audio peripherals and its first OLED displays. This series of firsts bodes well for the brand, as this points to PRISM+’s attempts at expanding its own ecosystem of peripherals while adopting new technologies to keep up with the competition.

PRISM+ Alpha Series 4K OLED Android TV

After the success of the Q Series TVs, which included the large 86-inch Q86-QE PRO, the Alpha Series step things up a notch by introducing OLED technology into the fray. OLED delivers crisp, vivid visuals while eliminating the need for backlights, which thus allows the same visuals to be contained within a slim form factor.

There are two models in the series, the 55AL and 65AL. They are both unbelievably slim, at 3.8mm of thickness, and have a near bezel-less design to maximise the screen-to-body ratio. With Dolby Vision, these TVs’ picture quality leaves nothing more to be desired. They boast features such as motion smoothing, voice control, built-in Chromecast, and Google Assistant.

They may not be pushing the frontier of TV technology, but for those who are looking for reliable, premium TVs, the 55AL and 65AL are more than capable of delivering in that regard. The 55AL is priced at S$1,699 and the 65AL at S$2,799.

PRISM+ Symphony & Flow Soundbars

The PRISM+ Symphony and Flow are the company’s first foray into the audio market, and it’s a fitting move. After all, a home theatre setup isn’t complete with just a display, as sound is a crucial part of deep immersion in games and movies.

Left: Symphony, Right: Flow.

Measuring in at 1200mm x 108mm x 70mm, the Symphony is a 5.1.2 soundbar that features Dolby Atmos, which is the new gold standard for audio with a 3D soundscape that sounds rich and full. There is a HDMI-eARC port that will allow users to play high-quality audio, thus performance shouldn’t be an issue with this soundbar.

The Flow comes in at 890mm x 82mm x 58mm and supports Dolby Audio. Its size makes it suitable for desktop setups, or smaller spaces while still delivering good audio. Both soundbars feature wireless subwoofers, five preset modes for various purposes, as well as TV remote sync for added convenience.

The PRISM+ Flow is priced at S$249 while the Symphony at S$699.

The new PRISM+ OLED TVs and soundbars will be available for purchase from 6pm, 11 March onwards on the PRISM+ official Lazada store.