PlayStation 5 Prices – Who Has The Cheapest Console Price Around The World

We’ve not long now till the 12 November release of the PlayStation 5. While we’ve seen snippets of what’s to come in terms of specs, hardware, accessories, size, and games, the question of price has been eluding us for the longest time now. And with Sony being the coy marketers they are, the withholding of price has only served to cause the hype for the new console to skyrocket.

Recently, Sony revealed the official pricing for the new console, and it doesn’t look that far off compared to the PS4 back in 2013. And given that the PS5 will launch with two variants – the regular one, and a disc-less Digital Edition, gamers will have their hands full deciding between which variant to pick. Regardless, we see this as an absolute win.

Also, historically, the PS5 is usually the cheapest in East Asia, with Hong Kong and (ironically) Japan among the most affordable among the bunch. However, that is with the caveat that consoles are, historically, region-locked, though it might change with the PS5.

So far, we’ve only learnt the prices for the PS5 in the following regions in the table below. The table will be updated as more prices for other regions are revealed.

Country/RegionPS5PS5 Digital Edition
UK£449.99 (US$575)£359.99 (US$460)
EU€499.99 (US$584)€399.99 (US$467)
JPJP¥49,980 (US$475)JP¥39,980 (US$380)
SGS$729 (US$532)S$599 (US$437)
AUA$749.95 (US$533)A$599.95 (US$427)
HKHK$3,980 (US$514)HK$3,180 (US$410)
TWNT$15,980 (US$548)NT$12,980 (US$445)
MYMYR 2,299 (US$557)MYR 1,869 (US$453)
PHPHP 27,990 (US$577)N/A
IDIDR 8,799,000 (US$624)IDR 7,299,000 (US$518)
THTHB 16,990 (US$565)THB 13,990 (US$465)
Table will be updated as more regions unveil their prices. (last updated on 11 November 2020)

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will launch on 12 November 2020 for the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, on 19 November for Singapore, on 11 December for the Philippines and Malaysia, on 22 January 2021 for Indonesia and lastly, 5 February 2021 in Thailand.

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