James Gunn Reveals The Suicide Squad Takes Place After The Events Of Birds of Prey

With the DCEU no longer all that concerned with interconnectivity anymore, some fans might be wondering when exactly does The Suicide Squad take place in the extended universe. 

Director James Gunn has helped set the record straight on one of his regular Q&A sessions on Instagram, stating The Suicide Squad will take place in its year of release, meaning it comes after Birds of Prey in the DCEU timeline. 

The answer came after the director was asked if The Suicide Squad comes after Birds of Prey.

He did not delve into much details of the film, though that is no surprise to anyone following the development of the film as Gunn has always been quiet on the details of the film, beyond the fact that fans can expect a high body count. Considering how large the cast list is for The Suicide Squad, that should come as no surprise to anyone. 

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, who appears in both The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, was last seen driving off into the sunset with Cassandra Cain after defeating the villainous Black Mask. Though it is unlikely that Cain will be making an appearance in The Suicide Squad, we can only assume there will be a scene early on in Gunn’s film to explain how Harley Quinn once again fell into the hands of Amanda Waller. 

The Suicide Squad wrapped productions in February and Gunn is currently editing the film from home. If all goes well, fans can expect the film to release in August 2021.