Console-Free Xbox Streaming Coming To Samsung 2022 Smart TVs End June

Microsoft’s plans to expand its Xbox Game Pass subscription service to TVs have come to pass. Beginning 30 June, owners of Samsung smart TVs in 27 countries will be able to stream Xbox Game Pass games and play via the cloud, without needing an Xbox console.

You will just need to download the Xbox App through the Samsung Gaming Hub, and have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Oh, and you’ll need a Bluetooth controller, though it doesn’t need to be an Xbox controller.

It won’t be any Samsung smart TV though; this feature will only be available for 2022 Samsung Smart TVs including Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, QLEDs and 2022 Smart Monitor Series. Samsung also didn’t indicate which are the 27 countries just yet.

xbox samsung tv home screen
Samsung Gaming Hub

With that, you will have access to over 100 cloud-enabled games, including Xbox Game Studios titles on the day they release. The only ‘bad’ side is the games will be at 1080p and 60fps, which is perfectly fine, unless you are spoilt by 4K screens.

Microsoft has not announced when it will launch the same service on other TVs so that’s something to look out for if you own TVs from other brands.

Previously, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, xCloud was already available to be streamed to PCs, Macs, mobiles and tablet devices. The Xbox Game Pass was already a very good value subscription. Now with Xbox expanding its reach to Samsung TVs, the Game Pass looks even more attractive, while Microsoft looks set to claim a big piece of the cloud gaming pie for itself.