Pixar Executive Pete Docter Teases ‘Inside Out’ Spin-Off Disney+ Series Out Next Spring

While Inside Out and the recently released Inside Out 2 Pixar films deal with emotions, a new Disney+ series will take viewers further into teenage Riley’s psyche, exploring the concept of dreams and their creation. Pixar executive Pete Docter confirmed that the series had ended production and would be out next spring while giving an update on other Pixar projects in development.

inside out series

Dream Productions, which is the spin-off series’ title, will build on the Hollywood studio-esque vibe of the creation of dreams in the first Inside Out, and “continue the exploration of the power of dreams and how they affect us in our waking life,” said Docter in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and that concepts like the stream of consciousness would also be explored, along with more complex emotions.

inside out series

While no release date was announced by Docter, he did say that the series would be released in Spring 2025, and that the show would be “pretty cool”. Other sequels to franchises Pixar is exploring include a Monsters Inc. sequel, but the studio “hasn’t seen enough to start working on anything there yet,” so it might be a while before we hear anything about it.

“We have two original films coming out, and then Toy Story, and then some more original,” says Docter, and “a lot of stuff that is in the works now that I’m pretty excited about.” The future of Pixar looks promising, and it’ll be interesting to see the concepts of these new films.

Inside Out 2 is now out in theatres.