Nvidia Announces Light And Dark-Side Collector’s Edition Titan Xp Graphics Cards

You know we’ve hit close to peak Star Wars fever when even graphics cards are not spared from the hype.

In a world of PC gaming where things are ruled by all things RGB, it made us wonder why this didn’t appear even sooner.

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With Nvidia, we’ll be seeing the release of two new collector’s edition Nvidia Titan XP graphics cards that pay homage to both the Light and Dark side of the Force. And coincidentally, the choice of colours are all too common when it comes to PC lighting.

Moulded to replicate the look and feel of a lightsaber, the GPU for the Empire has a deep red glow while the Jedi order comes in classic green. However, all these details will be moot once you stick it into your CPU. Which is a big pity considering that the card has rather nice details that make this release extra special, especially the weathered green Jedi Order card.

Nvidia says pre-orders will start 8 November at 6 a.m. PT in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Orders are limited to one of each style. Wider commercial availability has been scheduled for 17 November. Each card will cost USD$1200.

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That should make you sit up and wonder how you’re gonna build a special display CPU to show off this baby in all its glory.

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