Audio House Gives Out $100 Vouchers In Membership Drive

How would you like a 20% discount for the first $500 you spend?

Electronics retailer Audio House is looking to drive traffic to its lone Bendeemer outlet, by dangling a new membership program for customers that translates to free $100 worth of vouchers for those who sign up between November 11 to 20 2017.

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However, this is where it gets slightly complicated.

While you might have S$100 sitting in your Audio House online account, you’re only allowed to redeem S$20 for every S$100 spent. Confused? I was too. The best example to illustrate this would be to purchase a S$500 item, which would allow you to instantly clear off S$100 from your online account.

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Scouring the store, I found that this cooking stove would allow anyone to instantly knock off S$100 from the list price and pay the final price of S$458.

Sounds simple yes? It gets even deeper!

If you didn’t use any vouchers for the above purchase, to redeem S$20 for every S$100 spent, Audio House will also credit more vouchers into your account, to be spent on your next purchase.

So if you pay S$558 for the hob, you would get another S$100 in vouchers, to offset your next purchase as shown in the promotional sticker.

So why accumulate vouchers? It will make big-ticket items cheaper – you can either save now, or buy a S$1,000 TV and pay only S$800.

While it all sounds really complex, I’ve been assured that the staff in the store are more than happy to help customers figure out how to get the best deals and discounts possible.

As I was on a hunt for a new iron, the salesman was more than happy to look through their online store for any discounts. Scanning the QR code next to the product, I was led to the Audio House webstore, which sold the same iron model for S$112, making it S$7 cheaper than in the store.

While most shops might weasel their way out for such price discrepancies, Audio House allowed for an instant store pick up.

Using my voucher, I ended up paying S$92 for this iron, walked out of the store, feeling great with a brand new purchase and some money saved.

Now you must be thinking – is this the cheapest price you can find elsewhere? The Philips website lists the iron for S$119, not S$139.

That’s the beauty of online listing. By placing QR codes on each product that link back to their site, customers can see an updated price list and do their own price comparisons. Once the comparison is done, Audio House is hoping that the $20 voucher acts as a sweetener to draw customers in.

For a long time now, Audio House has been the go-to place for all manner of awesome home appliances you would want to fill your home with. In general, prices here have always been competitive. It is also offering another sweetener, to do a price match to any of their competitor’s prices, both offline and online.  If you’re still confused at this juncture, the best thing you could do is head on down to Audio House this weekend and try out their new system for yourself.

If you’re eyeing a particular product that costs S$500 and above, Audio House is essentially give anyone who signs up for their system S$100. Free cash? That’s a great deal no matter how you look at it.

There might never be a better deal than this.