Nicolas Cage To Add His Unbearable, Massive Talent To Dead By Daylight Game

A new character will be coming to Dead by DaylightNicolas Cage.

The Dead by Daylight Twitter account tweeted a teaser that revealed a stern Nic Cage emerging from shadowy fog, showing off the actor’s likeness and voice talent.

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Cage appears to be playing himself, instead of any one of his iconic film roles like Castor Troy from Face/Off or Ghost Rider (who might fit more seamlessly into the Dead by Daylight universe).

While Resident Evil and Silent Hill characters have found their way to the game before, this is the first time that an actual celebrity will be joining the roster. This follows in the footsteps of Fortnite, which sees the likes of celebrities like Ariana Grande and Marshmello available as skins for players.

The addition of the multifaceted actor to the game may also pave the way for Cage to appear in the movie adaptation. In any case, the game’s developers promise more information about Cage’s contribution to Dead by Daylight on 5 July.