New ‘The Flash’ Posters Feature Ultimate Superhero Crossover

As anticipation grows for the highly anticipated release of The Flash, IMAX and Dolby have created stunning posters to capture the essence of the Scarlet Speedster’s thrilling adventure. These posters promise to transport fans into an immersive world of extraordinary speed and heroism, igniting their excitement to witness the fastest man alive in action.

The IMAX poster for The Flash has a minimalist design that encapsulates the grandeur and scale of the film. The large IMAX logo stretches across the depth of the poster while the three main heroes of the film — The Flash, Batman, and Supergirl — race towards the foreground. Although Batman and Supergirl have been featured heavily in the promotional materials, the poster reminds us that The Flash is still front and centre in his own movie.

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The Dolby poster takes a different approach, showcasing a visual masterpiece with The Flash’s lightning motif taking centre stage. The film’s heroes and villains — including two Batmans and General Zod — are featured in the poster with electric effects all around them. Through its design, the poster aims to evoke the sensation of being enveloped in a sonic symphony of breathtaking proportions.

The Flash has enjoyed adulation from audiences who have watched advanced screenings of the film. More recently, James Gunn, co-chair and co-CEO of DC Studios, praised the movie’s wonderful writing and glorious directing.

The Flash races to theatres on 16 June.