Total War: Pharaoh

Sega Reveals ‘Total War: Pharaoh’, Relive Historic Bronze Age Collapse This October

After spending some time waging fantasy war in the trilogy of Total War: Warhammer, Sega and Creative Assembly are dipping into the well of history once again with the latest announcement of Total War: Pharaoh, the next instalment in the franchise that is set for an October 2023 release.

Taking place during the turbulent events of the Egyptian New Kingdom period, players will battle and rule to determine the fate of three great cultures as they fight for survival amid the cataclysmic Bronze Age Collapse. ​

“There are few periods more iconic than Ancient Egypt; fraught with political intrigue, cataclysmic events and grand war campaigns, it’s the perfect setting for a Total War title,” said Game Director, Todor Nikolov. “As Pharaoh, you must save Egypt from the cusp of destruction and guide your people through the calamitous Bronze Age collapse. It is up to you to either survive or fade into history.”

With the ruling Pharoah dead in Total War: Pharaoh, the people of Egypt, Canaan, and the Hittite empire cry out for a new leader. With a choice of eight Faction Leaders from three rich cultural hubs, step into their unique playstyles and take charge of deadly and diverse unit rosters. Whether you’re charming the courts as a peerless diplomat, charging into battle as an unwavering commander or causing chaos as a fearless warlord, become a leader that history will remember. ​

Ancient Egypt will come to life in a variety of ways, with beautiful visuals ensuring that players are immersed in that time period, before descending into mayhem as war breaks out in new dynamic battles that will take into account weather, terrain, and new tactical situations.

Total War: Pharaoh will also feature a brand-new Campaign Customisation feature, where players can determine how they play with an extended range of campaign customisation options, such as random starting positions for all factions, detailed resource settings, the ability to toy with natural disasters and much more.