New Sony Patent Reveals New Wireless PlayStation VR In Development

If you’ve enjoyed the first iteration of PlayStation VR, you’re in for a treat.

As it turns out, a new version of the virtual reality headset is in development, thanks to a new patent filed by – you guessed it – Sony Interactive Entertainment, on the United States Patent Application Publication (credits to LetsGoDigital, who sourced the patent document for the PlayStation 5 dev kit).

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Dated October 3, 2019, the new PlayStation VR is shaping up to be a wireless one via Bluetooth, as the patent suggests. It “comprises a camera to capture successive images of an optically detectable indicator of a second data processing device”, and “a data receiver to receive location information from the second data processing device”.


Many fans will no doubt be excited about this as it naturally makes the PSVR headset much, much lighter and allows for more mobility.

Furthermore, there seems to be the inclusion of a new microphone-esque device, suggesting that you might be able to issue voice commands on future PSVR games. This supports yet another recent patent Sony filed for voice support for future machines.


Finally, it looks as though the new VR headset will have an option to let players view their current surroundings transparently through the visor. We imagine this option can be toggled on and off, which should nicely eliminate the hassle of having to remove the headset entirely to be able to see your immediate vicinity.

The first PSVR was certainly a handy new addition to the PlayStation 4, adding an entirely new way to enjoy the console, thanks to a smattering of top-tier VR games such as Blood & Truth and the upcoming Iron Man VR.

With the PlayStation 5 launching just next year, we won’t be surprised to see the new PSVR launch not long after.