New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Promises A Wilder Western Adventure!

In 2010, Red Dead Redemption took players on a thrilling ride through the Wild West. Widely regarded as one of the best video games ever, it was praised for its compelling storyline, beautiful visuals, gameplay mechanics, and dynamic music score.

Fans were subsequently treated to the gleeful news of an upcoming prequel in the works, which saw a two-time delay. Amidst the pool of speculations and leaks, the official launch date was finally fixed to be on October 26, 2018 for both PS4 and Xbox One.

Following the release of two reels earlier, Rockstar Games have unveiled a third trailer, alongside some new information. Building upon the synopsis, which has outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van De Linde gang teaming up together to rob, fight, and steal in order to survive, the two-minute video sheds new light on the game narrative.

Starting off with breathtaking visuals, the story unfolds by means of a penned recount in cursive writing. Well-supplemented by character dialogue, it gives players a brief context when pieced together, “By 1899, the West had nearly been tamed. The age of gunslingers and outlaws had almost passed into myth.”

In between the cutscenes are new character introductions, with Wild West action aplenty – horseriding, gunfights, explosions, dramatic standoffs; you name it, the trailer’s got it. Then there’s an execution scene, which means a betrayal of sorts may take place, and wait…is that John Marston we see? Howdy, welcome back!

With the surprise entrance at the end, it’s evident that the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer is more story-focused than gameplay-oriented. The extra lore is certainly appreciated, but additional information about game mechanics would be welcome as well, especially since details for the multiplayer mode has yet to be released since its first announcement.

Still, it seems the video has got fans whooping in great joy, and from the looks of things, they’d better saddle up, for the journey ahead is about to get crazy wild!