New Netflix Ultraman Trailer Packs In Massive Fight Sequences

Heads up, Ultra-fans. A new trailer for the 2019 Ultraman show on Netflix has dropped.

One of the longest-running Japanese science fiction IPs is back with a brand-new 3D animated series for Netflix, simply dubbed Ultraman. This version of Ultraman is an adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same name – a modern “reboot” in and of itself – that first debuted in 2011.

The new Ultraman features a fresh-faced high schooler named Shinjiro Hayata as the main protagonist, son of Shin, the original Ultraman.

Shinjiro Hayata, the new face of the Ultraman IP.

He’s a little younger than the young adult ones we’ve grown accustomed to over the years, but just because he’s a teen doesn’t mean the battles he goes through as Ultraman aren’t any smaller in scope. Shinjiro Hayata is voiced by Ryohei Kimura, who also lent his voice to the likes of Seven Deadly Sins and Tokyo Ghoul.

Bemular, one of the main antagonists of the new Ultraman Netflix animated series.

Facing him is an all-new enemy that first featured in the 2011 manga, Bemular. Sporting a similar attire to the Ultra Suit, Bemular is an interesting antithesis to the likes of Shinjiro Hayata and his Ultramen companions, simply because of the fact that he’s not any simply kaiju monster trampling about.

Here’s the synopsis of the 2019 Ultraman animated series:

Ultraman’s next generation is here and its larger than life!

Years ago, the famous giant of light Ultraman worked to protect peace on Earth. Now, a new champion arises: Shinjiro Hayata, a high-school student who must don the Ultra Suit and the worries that come with it. The son of the former Ultraman, he will become this generation’s new hero! Netflix Original Anime Ultraman starts streaming worldwide April 1st, only on Netflix.

This also marks the 35th Ultraman TV show to ever be televised, including the original 1966 Ultra Q show which spawned the IP in the first place.

Ultraman will premiere on April 1 on Netflix.