New DOTA Dragon’s Blood Tease Reveals A New Character

DOTA Dragon’s Blood has just released a new trailer and several new posters featuring the upcoming heroes of the new animation.

However, not only do we get to see these familiar sights in the new promotional teaser. There mysteriously seems to be a broken QR code from every corner of each poster. But fret not, the sleuths on the internet fixed it for us and combined all of the images into a working QR code and the discovery was worth it.

This combined poster and QR code lead us to an unlisted YouTube video of the Demon Marauder Terroblade.

Yes, the squishy carry hero is going to make an appearance in the animation DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and it doesn’t seem like he’s a good guy. Now it gets us thinking if they’re going to be more heroes to be introduced with so many already in the fray.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will premiere on Netflix 25 March.

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