Networking geeks are would be pretty up there in the geek tree. It is not exactly the most sexy topic to discuss and even more challenging for the average consumer to set up for their home. However, modems and routers in the home have become and integral part of our lives considering that much activity these days takes place online.

The new range of 802.11ac routers released by Linksys stays ahead of the consumer curve as most consumer devices still lack the support for the AC wireless standard. I checked in with my most recent Alienware 18 unit and found that it does support wireless AC! So the gap between a new wireless standard and consumer devices seems to be shortening, at least for the computer hardware end of things.

New Linksys EA series
Linksys routers look good aesthetically and won’t stick out like sore thumbs.

While the new Linksys routers would do well, it is rather tricky when it comes to Internet Service Providers. In most cases, ISPs would hard bundle their own hardware (that usually underperforms) and provide little to no support with regards to third party devices such as Linksys. For consumers who are looking to supercharge their home network, some extreme googling would be in order first.

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Top feature image of the EA6900 will be released in Singapore in December 2013.

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