Dungeon Keeper returns on Mobile

I’m pretty sure most of the readers of Geek Culture have heard of Dungeon Keeper some point of their lives. Some even swear by the original version that looks like crap by today’s standards. However, there is one fact that cannot be denied- Dungeon Keeper is the best game of its class and there hasn’t been a title or clones that can hold a candle to it.

The latest Dungeon Keeper by EA Mythic takes a good stab at the most beloved franchise but the microtransactions in the game are irritants especially to folks who loved the original game, and can well afford a full priced mobile game.

Gameplay wise, Dungeon Keeper is a dream come true. They even included a proper announcer in-game just like the original one!

Once you get past the well crafted tutorial and having built the recommended rooms, this is what happens –

Breaking through hard rocks takes real hours. Pay to speed it up.
Time is money friend.

Judging from the upgrade paths and the amount of things to do in-game, there seems to be heaps of content to be unlocked. I guess greed is good and impatience is worth even more.

The pvp aspect of the game is interesting. Being able to raid a random opponent’s dungeon for resources is my kind of gameplay. To seek revenge on those who had done the same to you while your poor self was attending to more important affairs outside of the game keeps the tit for tat action pretty high. Raiding dungeons is essential as it gives you valuable resources otherwise provided slowly over time or to those with deep pockets.

Due to this pvp nature of the game, it might end up to be a pay to win in most instances. One thing I am not entirely clear is that if your resources are actually depleted by an offensive raid. If so, it would be wise to spend all your resources before taking a leave of absence. Then again, at higher levels the possibility of doing so would be high, because the cost of upgrades skyrockets dramatically.

Limit to spike traps? How do I get more? Upgrade my workshop? Need more stone!

Honestly I could go on how amazing this game is but at each turn and corner I’m met with bottlenecks. Limits to the number of traps, creatures and pretty much everything in the game. The tech tree to achieving greatness is one that is long and arduous.

Not exactly sure what EA stands to gain from the paywall but I would gladly pay for a full version of the game without all the microtransactions.

Dungeon Keeper for Android is now available in Singapore, Canada, Australia and Norway.

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