Neve Campbell Will Be Returning In Scream 5 As Sidney Prescott

Rejoice Scream fans, Sidney Prescott will be back once again to deal with Ghostface in the upcoming Scream 5

The news was officially announced in a press statement, where the actress for Sidney Prescott, Neve Campbell, commented that she felt that Wes Craven’s franchise is in good hands with Radio Silence Production. 

“After spending time speaking with Radio Silence [Productions], they have shown such love, respect and admiration for Wes Craven and all that he’s created in the Scream franchise,” Campbell said. “I am beyond excited to step back into the role of Sidney Prescott and return to Woodsboro.”

As for Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (Ready or Not) of the production company Radio Silence, they’ve expressed their joy at having Campbell on board for the project.

“We’re pinching ourselves! It’s hard to express how much the character Sidney Prescott shaped our love of movies and to have the chance to work with Neve is truly a dream come true,” Radio Silence said in the press statement. “It just wouldn’t be a Scream movie without Neve and we’re so excited and honoured to join her in Woodsboro.”

Campbell has starred as the franchise’s leading lady in all four of Craven’s Scream movies, and for many, a Scream movie will not feel like a Scream movie without Campbell at least making some small appearance. 

Campbell joins David Arquette and Courteney Cox, who will be returning to the franchise as Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers, as well as new cast members including Jack Quaid, Melissa Barrera, and Jenna Ortega. 

Scream 5 is set to premiere on 14 January 2022.