Nancy Drew Teams Up With Hunt A Killer In A New Mystery At Magnolia Gardens

Hunt A Killer has continuously grown since it first launched in 2016 with its unconventional brand of gameplay excitement through its board games. Not too long ago, the immersive entertainment company announced their partnership with Lionsgate to produce Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch, and now they are back with another collaboration with the legendary publishing company, Simon & Schuster.

Featuring the famous female detective Nancy Drew, the Mystery At Magnolia Gardens retail game puts the famous sleuth through another clue-filled adventure.

This all-in-one game will have players help Nancy investigate a mysterious poisoning that happened at a botanical garden filled with exotic plants that are not just pretty but toxic as well.

“For more than 90 years, Nancy Drew has been a beloved character and an unmatched crime-stopper. Now, thanks to Hunt A Killer’s newest immersive game experience, players get to work with Nancy and solve a dangerous crime.”

Stephanie Voros, Vice President and Director of Subsidiary Rights at Simon & Schuster

Similarly, with all of Hunt A Killer’s games, players will receive a variety of realistic clues such as police reports, maps, and more that will help them solve the case and eventually reveal the identity of the suspect. Participants will need to make use of their inner detective skills to help Nancy Drew solve the beguiling mystery at the Magnolia Gardens.

For those interested in getting your hands on the Mystery At Magnolia Gardens, it is now available for pre-order on Amazon for US$29.99. The board game is currently slated for release on 15 October with further expansion planned for 2022.

Here is the full synopsis of the game:

When Nancy Drew begins to investigate a potential poisoning at the botanical garden known as Magnolia Gardens, Nancy herself comes down with the same mysterious illness as the victim. It soon becomes clear to an ailing Nancy that someone at Magnolia Gardens has been using the facility’s dangerous plants for nefarious purposes, the guilty party is still on the loose, and Nancy needs your help to solve the case before the culprit strikes again.