Marvel Crossovers To Magic: The Gathering Universe In 2025

It was inevitable. At the rate Wizards of the Coast has been gathering IPs, Marvel was definitely going to be part of the Magic: The Gathering universe sooner or later.

Joining the likes of the most recent Dr. Who set release, Marvel’s deal with Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro will be a multi-year, multi-set deal. Considering that collaborations with Lord of the Rings have been able to bring a good deal of new players into the fold, this strategy is paying dividends for Wizards of the Coast.

Whether or not it sits well with the existing player base remains to be seen but the landscape of Magic: The Gathering looks very different from where it stood from a few years ago.

The interesting bit here is that Disney themselves are in the TCG game. Lorcana is continually sold out and Fantasy Flight Games has a refreshed Star Wars TCG arriving in 2024 as well with Star Wars: Unlimited.

One thing is for sure – Disney does not leave their IPs lay fallow and there will be plenty of demand for card game accessories in the years to come.