Netmarble’s Marvel Future Revolution Launches 25 August On iOS And Android

After a recent launch announcement, Marvel and Netmarble’s Marvel Future Revolution finally receives an official launch date, 25 August.

Coming to iOS and Android, Marvel Future Revolution is a free-to-play open-world RPG that revolves around an event known as the Convergence, where multiple Earths from the Multiverse begin to collide against each other.

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Players get to pick several familiar superheroes from the Marvel universe including Spider-Man, Storm, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Starlord, Black Widow, and Iron Man in this game. You follow an original and immersive story that unravels between alternate dimensions of other superheroes and unique locations all coming together onto primary Earth.

The game will feature extensive costume customisation with a selection of over 400 million costume combinations for each hero. It’ll also have different multiplayer elements such as cooperative dungeon raids and several competitive modes such as 10 versus 10 or 50 player free-for-all battle royals.

Players who pre-register now via Apple App Store and Google Play Store will receive a “Pre-Registration Costume Gift Box” which includes an in-game costume set for one of the starting superheroes. There will also be a live stream of the game at 5 PM PST 28 August / 8 AM GMT+8 29 August.

Marvel Future Revolution launches on 25 August on iOS and Android.

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