Monster Rancher 2 Enhanced Port Is Coming To Nintendo Switch And Mobile

It seems like Pokémon trainers aren’t the only critter experts in town. Featuring over 400 unique monsters, players can now unlock, raise and do battle with more critters, in the upcoming enhanced version of Monster Rancher 2.

First published in the Famitsu magazine, Koei Tecmo revealed that an enhanced port is in the works and coming to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android this fall in Japan. The most exciting part is that this edition will feature improvements based on fan feedback. This is a truly exciting update after witnessing the successful enhancements of the previous Monster Rancher game, including 10 new monsters from another continent.

Koei Tecmo teased about the enhanced Monster Rancher 2 port back in June via their official Twitter page and created quite a buzz.

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First released by Koei Tecmo in 1999 for PlayStation, Monster Rancher 2 (a.k.a. Monster Farm 2 in Japan) contains nostalgic monster illustrations and fun battles and has been a fan-favourite for the longest time.

Koei Tecmo has yet to announce whether Monster Rancher 2 will release in the West.

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