‘Monster Hunter’ X Seiko Watches Celebrate 20 Years Of Legendary Beasts

It seems like just yesterday that players were first transported into a world of legendary beasts and perilous hunts, but two decades have actually gone by since. As Capcom‘s long-running Monster Hunter franchise turns 20 this year, Seiko is celebrating the milestone with a new limited-edition watch collection.

Monster Hunter Seiko 20th Anniversary Watch

Inspired by Alatreon, Velkhana, Mizutsune, and Nargacuga monsters, the timepieces will cost around 59,800 yen (US$404 / S$538) apiece, with each model limited to only 2,000 units. Pre-order is now open, and fans have three wrist sizes to choose from: Small (14 cm), Medium (16 cm), and Large (18 cm).

Similar to a previous collaboration in 2019, Seiko’s latest lineup will ship with a special box featuring motifs and designs from each monster — elements that are also present on the watch itself. The Velkhana iteration features a silver metal band and a dial with a graduation colour from ice blue to dark blue, a silver faux leather base, and an engraved icon of the beast on the back cover.

As for the Alatreon model, its all-black aesthetic sports sub-dials with three different designs to express each state change, a dial stamp design inspired by the dragon’s inverted scales, and a black faux leather base.

The Mizutsune theming, meanwhile, comes decked out in a white leather band with dark purple lining, a dial stamp inspired by the monster’s fins and scales, and an ivory faux leather base. In contrast, the Nargacuga watch is lined with a black textured leather band, a gradation colour from black to dark blue, and a black faux fur base.

The new Monster Hunter x Seiko collection is the successor to its 15th anniversary lineup featuring Zinogre, Rathalos, and Nergigante. It retails for 59,800 yen each, with shipping scheduled for September.