Monster Hunter Rise Demo Now Available On Nintendo Switch

It won’t be long before gamers will finally get their hands on Monster Hunter Rise, the next mainline title in the series coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.

A free demo of the game is out now on the Nintendo Eshop from now through 1 February. Aside from owning a Nintendo Account, the game will take up 1.6GB of storage, so make sure your Switch system or microSD card has sufficient space for it.

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In the demo, players can play all 14 classic weapon types, as well as learn how to use the Wirebug as an aerial traveling option, as well as Wyvern Riding, which allows players to mount monsters and literally ride them around for a short time.

There will be four playable quests in total, including two tutorial missions, as well as two full hunts, including the Bird Wyvern Great Izuchi, or the more familiar fox-like Leviathan Wyvern Mizutsune. Players can opt to play in single-player and local or online multiplayer with up to 3 other players.

Like many other Capcom demos, the one for Monster Hunter Rise will be only playable to a limited capacity within the time period. In this case the hunts will only be playable for up to 30 times, after which they will be locked out.

Don’t sweat it yet, though, as some clever gamers over on Reddit discovered that if you delete your save file for the game could reset the hunt count (Capcom has yet to address this issue for now, so err on the side of caution if you’re trying this out!). Otherwise, you could always use or make an alternate Nintendo Account to be able to play the demo again.

Local and online multiplayer, however, will be unlimited throughout the demo duration.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on 26 March exclusively on Nintendo Switch.