Microsoft’s xCloud App Turns Their Surface Duo Into A “Nintendo DS”

Thanks to Microsoft’s xCloud service and their innovative tech, changing the Surface Duo into your own “Nintendo DS” for Xbox gaming has become a reality.

Despite being a 2020 product, people are currently making use of the Surface Duo and Microsoft’s xCloud service to turn the device into the likes of a Nintendo DS, one of the greatest-selling handhelds of all time.

Albeit sharing the same duo-screen feature, the Nintendo DS doesn’t run like the Surface Duo does, which is having the cloud services to allow Xbox to work in the background while you play on the device.

When the duo-screen tablet was first revealed back in 2019, many thought the functionality was unusual and until now, duo screen devices while not uncommon are still unpopular.

However, with the potential of xCloud pairing and the touch-screen support Xbox has been adding for some of their games such as Sea of Thieves, Microsoft might have plenty of potential to push their Surface Duo into the market and drive their technology into something bigger for handheld gaming in the future.

If Microsoft is able to maintain their focus, this could very well be the killer app in winning the console wars by tying their Xbox Game Pass service across PC, Xbox Series X | S, and, now, mobile.