Experiment 101’s Biomutant – First 60 Minutes Of 4K 60FPS Gameplay

While videogames have most certainly explored a variety of worlds, perhaps none has been presented as a post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable RPG. Experiment 101, with the help of THQ Nordic, is doing just that with Biomutant, introducing players to a colourful world that is made even better with a third-person combat system that flows.

Experience the freedom of movement and agility while firing out bullets and getting up close and personal with melee combat. As you progress through the world, you are going to pick up new Wung-Fu combat forms and become an even more deadly fighting beast.

Not only that, you are looking at an unusual story about a Tree-of-Life, warring tribes, and the fate of the world. Throw in some unique crafting, gear, and survival elements, and this RPG is doing it all. Intrigued? Come check out the first 60 minutes of Biomutant PS4 gameplay running on a PS5 in glorious 4K 60FPS and judge for yourself, our review will follow shortly.

Biomutant is out on 25 May for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.