Marvel’s Midnight Suns Card-Based Combat Channels ‘Slay the Spire’ With Synergy Potential

There is little doubt that there is plenty of excitement for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the latest foray of the comics giant into the world of video games. With the help of the esteemed developers at Firaxis Games, this is meant to be a more tactical take on the fight between good and evil. In a new gameplay showcase, we got a closer look at just what Marvel’s Midnight Suns is bringing to the table.

With the experience of several awesome XCOM games under their belt, the studio is definitely well suited for this new reimagining. However, there are certainly slight differences when it comes to the gameplay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

While players will still be moving characters around the map, your attacks take the form of the cards you are dealt. Each hero will have unique abilities, and it is great to see those represented clearly visually and with text descriptions.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Card-Based Combat Channels Slay The Spire With Synergy Potential

Peering deeper, there are also effects to take note of, and that is certainly interesting. It paves the way for interesting combos and synergies to play, that is, if you have the right cards on hand. If you are familiar with Slay The Spire, then this would be familiar to you. The cards also do not appear to have any costs associated with them, and each hero will get to play three cards per turn.

Some cards do require Heroism, so there is definitely more than meets the eye at this point. Mastering the card play order, Heroism, and even keywords will be critical to your success in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Another gameplay difference for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is that you have unlimited movement. Based on what was shown, we see that Wolverine was able to navigate his way to an environmental object and carry out whatever needed doing. This could also be a huge gamechanger for the traditional turn-based tactical experience.

Firaxis has confirmed that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will have no permadeath, with the entire campaign dedicated to a roleplaying narrative about the Hunter, Lilith, Hydra, and our beloved heroes.

Following the combat scenario, gameplay of The Abbey hub area in Marvel’s Midnight Suns was shown as well. Not only are players able to get a deeper understanding of these characters, but improving your relationships will lead to special card unlocks as a reward for your hard work.

While the game is still some time away from being finished, what has been shown thus far is looking promising. The March release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns will arrive sooner than you think, and we can expect more news in the coming months.

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