Mobile MMORPG Cloud Song Officially Launched In Southeast Asia

Cloud Song, Southeast Asia version of anime MMORPG, Guardians of Cloudia, has officially launched in the region for iOS and Android.

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, players can enjoy the game in English, Chinese and their own native languages. Over 1 million Skywalkers have pre-registered for the game as they get ready to dive headfirst into the cross worlds fantasy adventure that is Cloud Song.

To celebrate the memorable milestone of 1 million pre-registrations, Skywalkers can now obtain a cute Corgi mount and chicken headphones permanently, as well as an abundance of valuable gifts:

  • Login 7-days: Pyrodragon 6-star 
  • Rookie code: CLOUDSONGSEA
  • Exclusive code for our fans: CSSEAGIFT111

Pretty Visuals, Plentiful Progression

As an action MMORPG, Cloud Song is visually vibrant, with charming chibi anime-styled characters. Players can customise just about anything when it comes to the aesthetics of their avatar, from PETs and mounts to even accessories and clothes.

Just like the Chinese and Taiwanese versions of the game, Cloud Song SEA players can assume the role of one of its five classes. Depending on their preference for melee, ranged, physical or magical combat, players have the option to choose between Archer, Mage, Swordsman, Oracle and Rogue. Furthermore, each class can branch into 2 advanced classes, offering great freedom for experimentation and exploration of their own builds as they combine their talents and skills.

The game features an in-depth progression system for players to get stronger. Besides levelling up and equipment, players should also make use of the game’s Rune system to further improve their characters as they take on tougher challenges.

SEA players should also be excited to discover the Cloud Song offers an expansive PETs system. With over 100+ collectable PETs, ranging from various sizes, shapes and abilities await the player. Unlike other RPG games, up to 3 PETs can accompany players, with 6 PETs in major arrays to support them! PETs are not just for show—they are an integral part of the game as their stats account for up to 30% of their owner’s overall stats. Players can strategise and build their team of PETs to make the most out of their effects.

Diverse and Expansive Gameplay

Whether it is PvP or PvP, Cloud Song lets players test out their skills in a wide array of modes. The game’s PvP content revolves around PK (Player Kill) modes, from 1-on-1 duels to full-blown 60 vs 60 Guild Wars. Prizes and rewards galore as players can earn rare items and rewards from proving their mettle against other players. Glorious titles and exquisite mounts await in Cloud Song SEA!

Similarly, players can befriend their fellow SEA brethren through the plethora of PvE modes and missions available in Cloud Song. The game’s wide offering of PvE modes rotates depending on the day of the week, keeping things fresh. From tackling huge bosses to embarking on Treasure Hunts and even exploring Ore Mines, players will have a lot to look out for as they level their character. 

A Journey of Love and Friendship

Unlike many other mobile MMORPGs, Cloud Song offers a refreshing amount of social content for players to invest their time in. Not only does the game have a Guild system, you can even get married to other players! From voice chat support to a wealth of mini-games, there is a lot to explore in Cloud Song as players build the in-game community around them.

For players in SEA region, be sure to download Cloud Song to embark on an epic MMORPG and ARPG open-world adventure!

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