Marvel Studios Reportedly Developing A Werewolf By Night Halloween Special For Disney+

Marvel Studios is spooking things up for Halloween. After releasing 4 tv series on Disney+WandaVisionThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If…? – the studio is reportedly looking for a Latino male actor in his 30s to star in the project (via The Wrap).

The project is believed by many to be based on Werewolf by Night and would begin production in early 2022.

Werewolf By Night is the name used by two separate Marvel characters in the comics. The first being Jack Russell, a descendant of the mystically altered offshoot of humans known as Lycanthropes. Russell eventually becomes capable of transforming without a full moon and can retain his intellect while transformed. Russell starred in a Werewolf by Night series that ran for 43 issues and ended in 1977.

werewolf by night

The second character, Jake Gomez, happens to be a member of a Hopi Native American tribe whose family has been cursed lycanthropy. The tribe later comes in conflict with a pharmaceutical company that exploits members of the tribe.

It is unclear which Werewolf by Night character will be the inspiration for this supposed Marvel Studios Halloween Disney+ special since the studio has yet to confirm anything.

This Werewolf by Night-inspired project isn’t the first Marvel special planned for Disney+. CUrrently, the streaming service and studio is planning a Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special written and directed by James Gunn.

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