Marvel At Disneyland’s Avengers Campus Opening Ceremony Because We Can’t Visit It

Disney’s biggest Marvel-themed park expansion has finally opened and the new Avengers Campus is located in Disneyland Resort in California. Although travelling might be hard now with the recent world events, fans are able to tune in to the opening festivities online instead.

The concept behind the Avengers Campus is rather straightforward and that is to recruit the park guests to join the super squad. It’s essentially one giant superhero school, where visitors are able to live out their superhero dreams.

Keep in mind, the new land does not take place within the canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thus park visitors will definitely be encountering heroes that might have died in the Avengers: Endgame timeline.

Nevertheless, there will be plenty of fun experiences that MCU fans can look forward to such as the WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction ride, which makes use of mega-expensive simulators and even merchandise.

Here are some locations you can find in the Avengers Campus such as the different rides and dining places to relax in:

For more information about the new land, head on to Disney Park’s blog.