Gillette Just Launched A $299 Self-Heating Premium Razor

As one of the mainstays of personal grooming, the razor has evolved in many ways but its function has largely stayed the same. While some might swear by an electric razor, some prefer it in its conventional form. Gillette is one of those traditional companies that have flirted with the implementation of tech into their products but never quite going all the way.

However, it seems that a new impetus has taken hold at their R&D labs.

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Gillette is now introducing the world’s first Heated Razor, a grooming experience reimagined by the company. Additionally, the first-of-its-kind razor is the debut innovation from the newly established GilletteLabs premium division.

The razor provides an uninterrupted heat sensation thanks to its specially created stainless steel warming bar that enables users to experience the soothing pleasure of a hot towel shave with every stroke. Furthermore, Gillette’s Heated Razor goes beyond ensuring a comfortable shave, it also boasts features that empower users like never before.

The new razor comes with adjustable temperature levels with just a push of a button. Users may easily be able to toggle between two levels of heat to achieve their optimal comfort. The product also has an automatic overheat protection feature that consistently maintains safe, even warmth at the chosen temperature through each shaving stroke throughout its use.

Gillette has also made use of their advanced five blades technology. It is the company’s thinnest and finest blades that provides incredible comfort to its consumers. Flexdisc technology has been added to the Heated Razor as well that lets the razor contour to your facial features. This feature conquers the curves of your face to ensure contact with the warming bar is made now matter how users shave.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a product that is convenient to use, this Heated Razor is definitely that due to its wireless magnetic charging. Compact and elegant with its sleek premium-grade aluminium zinc handle, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery found in the product lasts up to six shaves, making it on-the-go easy. And to top it all off, it is 100% waterproof allowing users to shave in the shower or at the sink.

With such outstanding features, seems like the Gillette Heated Razor will be a hot product (pun intended) in the market. Those interested may get their hands on the new razor through Shopee for S$299.

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