Make Your Own Sci-Fi/Pop Culture/Video Game-Themed Shirt With Uniqlo’s UTme!

Want to just print out your own custom design but don’t want to fork out an arm and a leg for it? Sick of ordering funky designs from t-shirt sites like Threadless and shelling out rising shipping costs? Well, Uniqlo’s got you covered.

The Japanese conglomerate just launched its t-shirt design-making app called the UTme! (on iOS & Android) on July the 3rd in Singapore. How does it work? Basically you just install the app onto your iPhone or Android phone for free, and proceed to create your own design using a combination of simple methods like paint tools, typography options, and even photo-uploading. This ain’t as heavily detailed as Photoshop, so you’ll have an easy time making a competent design in less than 5 minutes. Check out what we did within the given timespan using some random game fan art:

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Once you’re done, you submit your design on the app to get a temporary UT code. Take that code to the Bugis+ Uniqlo outlet which contains the sole hub for UTme! services, and your t-shirt will be printed on the spot for S$29.90 (and S$24.90 for kid-sized t-shirts). It’ll only take 10 minutes to print!

The folks there will check your t-shirt design for naughty bits (leaked celeb photos, slash fiction, etc.) and possible copyright infringements. We were told by a third-party PR rep of Uniqlo that fan art of any pop-culture IP is A-OK, so feel free to use that custom image of Ichigo Kurosaki with his Zangetsu blade riding a velociraptor. Some examples below.


Art by Jingster (http://jingster.deviantart.com)

Uniqlo also held a launch party that was also an opportunity to showcase Singapore’s SG50 movement. The company brought in high profile Singaporeans like MediaCorp actors Desmond Tan and Rebecca Lim, as well as fashion designers and photographers like Daniel Boey and Willy Foo, to create their own t-shirt designs using the UTme! app under a campaign called”Uniqlo Street Tales”. Their theme? To create something that captures the heart and soul of Singapore.

The Uniqlo UTME! Printing Station, exclusively at the Bugis+ Uniqlo outlet. Also swarmed by media and guests during the launch event.

Their designs are on the campaign’s official site; go check them out. Or just take a gander at the pics below which are obviously better than our earlier efforts.

We’re still wondering where the Nine Hells are the Mr. Kiasu, Under One Roof, Singapore Sling, and VR Man designs. Still, you can make your own pop culture designs and get them printed at Bugis+’s Uniqlo branch. Hell, get your inspirations from DeviantArt and pixiv too if you wish!