Sega Joins Japan Graduation Festivities With Iconic Characters Chalkboard Art

Sega Joins Japan Graduation Festivities With Iconic Characters Chalkboard Art

In life, there are several milestones worthy of celebration, and graduation is certainly one of them. For the folks in Japan, the month of March is when both high school and university students can finally relax, eager to take on the next step in their lives. To make things even more fun for the graduation festivities, Sega has chimed in with some special words of encouragement.

In a video posted on Twitter, the Japanese video game giant shared the message, “To the graduates soaring towards the future: A cheer for you,” alongside what appears to be really intricate and gorgeous chalkboard art of the company’s many iconic characters.

The graduation celebration is led by characters including Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, Ichiban Kasuga from the Yakuza: Like a Dragon series, Aruru/Arle and Puyo (round, slime-like creatures) from the Puyo Puyo series, and Joker from Persona 5. They are all drawn alongside cherry blossom petals, with the short video set to Hatsune Miku/Halyosy’s graduation-themed song, Sakura no Ame.

Behind the Sega initiative to celebrate the month of graduation is artist Mayumi Kawano, who first started out drawing chalk art in 2009. Mayumi has also weighed in about her masterpiece and shared that she enjoys playing video games as well. This made this particular job extremely gratifying and satisfying to work on.

While not all of us can go back to the days of graduation and look forward to what comes next, we most certainly can enjoy great art every once in a while, especially when it comes with a roster of characters like those from Sega..