Netflix’s NSFW Animated Anthology ‘Love, Death & Robots’ Returns For A Third Season This May

Netflix has announced that the third season of Love, Death + Robots is dropping on 20 May 2022.

There have been very few details revealed about the upcoming season, but the new trailer has definitely got fans of the anthology series excited. The trailer accompanying the announcement showed snippets of episodes from the first and second seasons, as well as highlighted other popular series found on the service including The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit.


Love, Death + Robots was first released in 2019 and offered many different creators to show off their skills. The first season was executive produced by David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, Tim Miller and Josh Donen. It also consisted of 18 episodes that straddled various genres including horror, fantasy, sci-fi and comedy. Each episode also featured a different team of writers, animation studios and styles, as well as different directors at the helm.

The first season was such a success that it was followed up with a second season in 2021. However, season two only had eight episodes, a drastic cut from the first season.

That said, fans will still need to wait to find out how many shorts will be offered this time around, and which creators and directors will be behind the new shorts. Animation styles have also not been revealed.

Thus far, Love, Death and Robots has won 11-Emmy awards since its release.