Little Nightmares had us at the art style. The game seems to have taken various gaming references and mashed them together into an awesome package that will be arriving Spring 2017 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for PC.

Combining BioShock, Silent Hill and a dash of Limbo and we get Little Nightmares. The game is beautiful in an odd, twisted sense. Clearly buoyed by the spate of indie gaming hits, Bandai Namco would want to get their hands on possibly the next big thing.

With an age advisory for the Europeans of 16, we wonder if the elements within the game are too much for the younger crowd to handle. But this action-suspense game looks to have plenty of scares hiding around each dark corner.

Featuring minute Pyramid Heads, our protagonist Six, looks to be employing their services in game to help her achieve her goal of escaping the maw deep beneath the ocean under a lighthouse (now, that’s a setting that is vaguely familiar).

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Judging by the trailer, it would look as though Six needs to amass an army of minions to get her out of the place, so we have Pikmin elements too?

We’d love to avoid getting on the hype train too early but it’s hard to resist the lure that is Little Nightmares..

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