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ToyWolf’s Toilet-Transforming Warriors Give A Shit

In a bizarre land where an emperor with an almond-addiction ends up with a bad case of runs, he summons his toilet-transforming warriors from all over the country to help with his bowel problems.

If you think that sounds utterly weird, well, we think so too. But that’s the premise for ToyWolf’s new line of toilet-transforming figures, the first of which is named 污大将 (pronounced Wu Da Jiang), officially translated as Dirty Man — even though a more literal translation would have been General Waste, which we think sounds cooler and the fact they passed on that is an awful waste of a good pun.

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Nomenclature woes aside, while ToyWolf seems to be based in China, they seem to have gone for a more Japanese aesthetic for Dirty Man, as he’s currently being marketed as a samurai. Nevertheless, the team commented on Chinese social media site, Weibo, that future additions to their line of transforming toilets may be designed with a variety of different styles.

There’s also a limited edition version of Dirty Man, for the Shanghai Comic Convention, sporting a black body and golden surprise under its lid.

Dirty Man will be available for purchase on December 14, 2018 priced at RMB369, although international retailers may have him listed him at a higher price to account for import costs. If anything, we’re sort of morbidly curious about what other strange shit — literally! — ToyWolf will be surprising us with.

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