Gotta Catch All These Pokémon Adidas Shoes!

Calling the Pokémon franchise popular might be a bit of an understatement. It is extremely popular, with countless handheld console games release, a trading card game, a mobile game spin-off, and now it seems a collaboration with Adidas. After all, even FILA had already done it one year ago.

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Hot off the news of their Game of Thrones collaboration, it seems that Adidas will be partnering up with Pokémon to release Stan Smiths featuring the cute pocket monsters.

Instagram sneakerhead hugokickz posted some photos of the shoes on his account and according to him, two variants of the Pokémon x Adidas Stan Smiths currently in production feature the adorable mascot of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu, and the ever lovable first-gen starter, Squirtle.

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There are no words yet on whether other designs are in production but we think that other designs featuring the other gen one starters should also be released, along with an Eevee one.

Adidas has yet to confirm or deny the rumours and hence there has not been a release date for the sneakers announce yet.

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