How To Use VPN To Watch ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ In USA On Netflix Singapore

If you are in the USA and couldn’t find Spider-Man: No Way Home on Netflix when it releases on 13 July, it is likely due to some convoluted business reasons since Sony doesn’t have a streaming service of its own in the States. But there’s always the way of the VPN if you need your Spider-Man: No Way Home fix.

Spider-Man: No Way Home on Netflix Singapore.

Just start up your preferred VPN service, switch your region to “Singapore” and voila, you’ll be able to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home on your Netflix subscription starting from 13 July. Like many previous Sony Pictures films, the movie will likely be removed before being added back eventually sometime much later.

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We’re not sure how long Tom Holland’s latest and, currently, final outing as the web-spinner will remain on Netflix after it streams on 13 July, so make sure you watch it as much as you want before it gets taken down subsequently.