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Horizon Zero Dawn Jumps To PC As Amazon Listing Appears

The crossover has started. With Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding heading to the PC sometime in the future, it will soon be less surprising to see only PS4 titles making the jump. One of those rumoured ones is Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, and now, an Amazon France listing may have proven those rumours correct.

First spotted on ResetEra, the listing is short on details. With just the name, publisher, and platform, the lack of other information such as screenshots is what harms the listing’s credibility. It could be Amazon France jumping the gun and making a gamble, or it could be someone making a mistake.

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Nevertheless, the evidence is mounting. The rumours first started via YouTuber Anton Logvinov, and verified by Kotaku. However, no concrete release date was ever bandied around.

A February release seems unlikely, even with the third anniversary of Horizon Zero Dawn coming up on 28 February. Stranger things have happened though, so we are definitely keeping our eyes peeled.

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