The Original Doom Games Are Going On A Massive Discount

Bethesda is doing its very best to get players into the mood for Doom as it prepares for the release of Doom Eternal

All three classic Doom games, Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 are all on a massive discount, with the first two games going for US$1.49 each and Doom 3 going for only US$2.99. This means that you can be all caught up on the classic Doom games for less than US$10! Doom (2016) is also getting a 50% discount, currently retailing for US$29.99 (with an original price of US$59.99). 

It also seems like the upcoming release of Doom 64 will cost only US$4.99.

So if you’ve ever thought of mowing down hordes of demons now is your chance. 

Doom (2016) will be on sale till 1 March 2020 while the three classics will be on sale till 2 March. So be sure to snag them before their gone.

Unfortunately, those wishing to play Doom Eternal on the Nintendo Switch will have to wait a little longer as it will be releasing on 20 March 2020 only for the PS4 and Xbox One.